What we offer:
Standard Package
Itinerary: Blue Voyage

What is included: Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea time) all sailing costs, all climbing/mountaineering costs, free use of water sports equipment on the boat
(canoe, wind surf, snorkel).

What is not included: Scuba diving and all other water sports that require equipment that is not available on the boat, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, transport from and to the boat.

A typical itinerary: Classic Blue Voyage

Duration: 1-week trip from Bodrum to Bodrum
(Journey around the infamous Gokova Bay).

1st day
orientation on the boat, overnight in the Bodrum harbour.

2nd day
depart early for Knidos, which is an ancient Carian city to visit the remains of an amphitheatre, acropolis and temple, which housed the famous statue of Aphrodite. We dine in Mersincik.

3rd day
Depart after breakfast; after a lovely cruise arrive at Cati (stunning bay with thick pine tree forest on the south side of the bay), dinner at Kufre Bay

4th day
Arrive at 7-islands region after breakfast, sail around the island and head to Longoz for overnight.

5th day
Arrive at Cleopatra island after short sail. The romour says that the sand was brought from the North African desert for this beach. Next destination is Karasogut which is only 30 km from Marmaris, which is an excellent “commercial” spot for those who want to get back to civilisation and shopping – but you always have the option to enjoy your solitude in Karasogut of course!

6th day

Arrive at Degirmenbuku. A small creek on the west of this bay, English Harbour, is named after the 2nd World War where English torpedo boats hid in this cove.

7th day
Travel to the north side of the bay to Akbuk. Swim at various famous spots (Oraklar, Ciftlik), then cuise to Tavsanburnu and finally Bodrum for the last dinner
Bye Bye time from the boat until the next trip!