After settling themselves for 6 months of the year in Bodrum Turgutreis, Pelle and Ayse Onol Lang have decided to launch their dream summer business.

It complements their dream winter business which is running the Skierslodge in La Grave, France. Once the snow melts in the French Alps, they would like to host their guests in the Turquise waters of the Mediterranean. After sailing along the coastline and getting totally mesmerised by the beauty of the nature, they decided that the best way to share this with their guests would be to do a non-stationary holiday in a traditional gullet rather than being in a hotel and being limited with road trips. Given the fact that most of the bays are non reachable by the road, cruising with a traditional vessel gives the best access to the unspoilt nature.

The fact that Ayse is a native Turkish person with numerous other nationalities and languages under her belt (!), she guarantees that you will not have any communication issues throughout your journey with the locals and will be assisted effectively for any additional activities that you would like to plan in advance. Through her local contacts and knowledge, shopping, eating, booking special activities will become fun rather than a tiring task during your holiday.

The fact that Pelle is a very experienced mountain guide (UAIGM certified), he guarantees that the boat will be loaded with all necessary mountaineering equipment such that if there are any enthusiasts wishing to do some adventures in the canyons, cliffs, waterfalls and so on, you will have your guide on board!

Furthermore, they are both keen wind surfers and Ayse is a scuba diver and they can certainly come up with some good itineraries for these activities.

Finally they both love nature and having fun and adventures in the nature. Therefore your trip is guaranteed not to be dull! You will meet either familiar faces or will meet people whom you will wish to meet again on the boat like it happens at the Skierslodge…. We sail you later…